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Mod-N "Sit to Stand" Height Adjustable Desk

The Mod-N Sit to Stand manually operated gas-lift height adjustable standing desk can be used with healthy work practices to improve the health & productivity of your workspace.

Mod-N Desk Raised for Standing

Mod-N Desk Lowered for Sitting

Product Name Mod-N Sit to Stand Desk
Item Number LT203
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1370 x 620 x
760 to 1095 mm

  • Desktop adjusts to a minimum height of 760mm (76.0cm) and maximum of 1095mm (109.5cm) using a manually operated gas-lift mechanism with spring-loaded locking lever.
    • Desktop measures 740mm (74.0cm) width by 620mm (62.0cm) depth and features a carbon black textured finish.
    • Adjustable height desktop is a pre-assembled module that is bolted into the desk frame during assembly.
  • Left & right desktop panels made from tempered glass with black backing.
  • Metal frame powder-coated in black.
  • Exclusive to Harvey Norman

Close-up of Mod-N Desk Height Lock Lever

  • Close-up of the Mod-N Desk height locking lever:
    1. To operate, the lever is first lifted to unlock the desktop, and
    2. while the lever is lifted, the desktop can be (carefully) raised or lowered to the desired height.
    3. Once the desktop is at the desired height, the lever is released to lock the desktop into place.